The speech recognition technology has been around for a while now, but the competition is now just getting hotter. The earlier ways of using the speech recognition technology such as voice dialing and desktop dictation are definitely not the best way to boast of using the technology. You can now see how the technology has been incorporated in virtual agents and smart home devices.

Today, many companies are trying to get a share of the market when it comes to the speech recognition technology. You will companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and many others looking to have a share of the market.

Google so far has proven to be quite great at the whole technology. Many people are now trying out the new open access enterprise level speech recognition released by Google. As much as Google seems to be having an edge in the whole speech recognition market, there is always competition that will arise in the future. Like right now, Baidu is also making an entrance in the same market and with a bang.

We all know how Google has been banned in China for a six year period, and it seems the perfect chance for baidu to experience more growth. With the Chinese population, Baidu should have an easy time getting its speech recognition APIs to several people easily. All we can do is wait and see how the two giant search engines play it out.