Why Mobile Apps are Popular

Ever since the introduction of smartphones in the industry, the growth need for mobile apps has been on the increase. Many people today are becoming developers from learning at home. This is simply because the whole process of making apps… Continue Reading →

Google and Baidu all in the race for global speech recognition market

The speech recognition technology has been around for a while now, but the competition is now just getting hotter. The earlier ways of using the speech recognition technology such as voice dialing and desktop dictation are definitely not the best… Continue Reading →

Gartner Projects drop in Smartphone Sales in 2016

It seems like the booming business of smartphone industry is slowing changing to what people did not expect. Gartner, which is an analyst company, stated that there will be a major drop in the smartphone industry from 14.4 growth in… Continue Reading →

Thrilling Visions of the Future of Computing

There is no doubt that the future holds a great deal of many inventions that we can expect to enjoy in the world of computing. In the recent years, technology is always developing at a faster rate making people to… Continue Reading →

Google Aims to end the use of passwords this year

Google aims to test alternatives to use passwords starting next month. It is a move to do away with now common and complicated logins for good. The feature was first introduced to the developers during I/O conference that happened recently…. Continue Reading →

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