When it comes to having a good time at home, there is no doubt a TV set will never miss. You could use it to watch movies or music videos among other types of entertainment. You might not always enjoy the entertainment if you do not have the best TV today. With the technology always changing faster, you might also want to keep up with it. Below are some of the best TVs to buy in 2016.

Best Budget TV – Insignia Roku TV

This is a great TV for the bargain and still offers impressive features that you can find for its price. It costs less than $500 and surprisingly comes with good 4K quality display. It also has a healthy selection of ports that you could use to connect various types of devices that you like. By using the Roku app, you can use your smartphone as a remote control from your couch. Its design might not be the best right now, but it is the best in terms of functionality.

Best 40-inch TV- Hisense 40H4C Roku TV

If you have ever wanted to find an easy to use smart TV, then go for this model. This model costs just $300, which is quite a great deal for something that comes with smart features. Its Roku interface trumps other smart TVs that you might have used within its range. It comes with a simple but yet handsome design that will stand out in your living space. It does still offer impress great image quality and pleasing color that should work for you.

Best 65-inch 4K TV Value – Vizio M Series M65-C1

You are likely not to find any better 65-inch 4K TV today on a budget. In addition to providing the best ultra HD pictures, the Vizio M65-C1 offers an impressive full array of LED backlighting with superior contrast. Other impressive features include having a remote with built-in keyboard for easy access and use apps such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and many others.

Best overall picture quality – LG Flat OLED 4K 65EF9500

The OLED technology is something that is changing the way we now see picture quality. The best TV to have utilized this technology is this one from LG brand. Due to the OLED technology, LG delivers state of the art Ultra HD 4K performance that reveals picture quality in a way that other sets often miss. The model is what you need for the impressive picture quality today.