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Farmigo Shuts Down its Online Market

Farmigo being an online farmer’s market, it allowed the consumers to shop for the locally grown food via web. Then you would pick up such orders from nearby location. Well, it seems like the company is shutting down its delivery… Continue Reading →

Five Companies were in the Line-up to Buy LinkedIn

Reports emerging show that Microsoft was not the only lining up to buy LinkedIn. It might have been the reason why they had to pay so much to a sum of $26 billion to acquire the professional social media site…. Continue Reading →

Is it possible to kill email?

Who would have thought that one day email would be taken as a legacy technology? Many applications and technologies today exist and all make it easy to communicate instead of using the email. We now have apps that help with… Continue Reading →

Google Aims to end the use of passwords this year

Google aims to test alternatives to use passwords starting next month. It is a move to do away with now common and complicated logins for good. The feature was first introduced to the developers during I/O conference that happened recently…. Continue Reading →

117 Million LinkedIn Emails and Passwords Leaked Online

Back in 2012, the famous professional social site LinkedIn got hacked ending up with over 100 million stolen emails and passwords. The company announced yesterday that another data set from the 2012 hack had just been released. The company was… Continue Reading →

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