Hillary Clinton Launches App Designed to Propel her Campaign

Many politicians today would leave nothing to chance. They would do anything to make sure that they get to meet and interact with their supporters. In this case, it is Hillary Clinton who has gone ahead to launch an app… Continue Reading →

How to Become a programmer

  When it comes to programming, one thing you should know is that it is a cumulative process. This is something that you get to build your skills with time. Most of the time, being a programmer is a fun… Continue Reading →

Uber for 911 Transport is the Worst Idea Ever

The Washington D.C Fire and EMS department is looking into a plan that will make use of Uber to transport low priority 911 callers. Well, that is some horrible idea right there. We all feel comfortable knowing that at the… Continue Reading →

Apple shows interest in buying Tidal music app

It is the principle of if you cannot beat them, buy them. New in is that Apple is in discussions with Tidal about its acquiring of the music streaming app. This will be a big win for Apple which will… Continue Reading →

The Future of 3D Printing and Prosthetics

3D printing has evolved so much since its introduction to now something that many people would want to use each day and in different fields. In the recent innovations, they have led to using the technology in fields such as… Continue Reading →

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