Why Does Your Computer Crash?

This is a question we get often from our readers. We always ask them a few quick questions to gauge what might be happening with their machine, and most times

Apple beats its earnings expectations by far

Apple has reported an impressive revenue of $42.4 billion and earnings of $1.42 per share. Well, with the shares of the company recently receiving

Insider Tips on How to level Up Your FitBit

Whenever you see the scale of the weighing machine not going the way you want, it is important now to start looking for ways to lose severa

Hillary Clinton Launches App Designed to Propel her Campaign

Many politicians today would leave nothing to chance. They would do anything to make sure that they get to meet and interact with their supporters

The Very Best TV to Buy in 2016

When it comes to having a good time at home, there is no doubt a TV set will never miss. You could use it to watch movies or music videos a

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