About two years ago, Pinterest launched a different type of search engine called Guided Search. The search engine was focused on help people find what they want by not relying on deep data on the user. The search engine works by creating a network of related topics that would help the users to easily dive into.

The Guided Search so far has been a success after just two years of operation. The company claims to be serving around 2 billion searches per month from various users around the world. Other than just searching, people also get around 55 ideas per each search they do. Even though the company is still small and growing, the developers are always working on refining the tools of the search engine to make it grow even better.

Some of the things that Pinterest is doing is to find new ways to personalize the search tools that give the users a way to use it better. The users are now able to notice an endpoint for the ideas they are looking for on the search engine. There has been localization too as the key to having better search ideas based on the location.

Without a doubt, the Pinterest search engine has gained traction a lot more than what people had expected. You can expect it to grow more in the next few years.