BMW, Intel and Mobileye are building a full self-driving car

The future seems to be closer that what we have always thought. It looks like BMW is looking to make a full self-driving car sooner than expected. The company is now teaming up with Mobileye and Intel to make the… Continue Reading →

Larry Page’s Vision for the Future of the Flying Car Companies

Having the aerial vehicles has always fascinated many people, but the need to easily pilot such vehicles has always made it hard for the projects to be completed. It seems like Larry Page thinks there is still a chance to… Continue Reading →

Uber and Fiat to Form a Self-Driving Car Partnership

Uber as a Taxi Company has been making major strides in the self-driving car industry for a while now. The company is now in talks with Fiat Chrysler to help form a partnership that involves self-driving car technology. We cannot… Continue Reading →

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