In the last decade or so, there has been a major shift when it comes to how companies now buy and deploy software. There has been major changes in the open technology, which has made many companies to have changed on how to get their new software out. Most companies now have opted for the open first approach when it comes to building solutions for their businesses. More companies are now running on open source software with less than 3 percent opting for a different model. This is according to survey carried out by Black Duck Software.

The open source world is making major strides that have made other people reconsider the type of software they are using. Even the most conservative and dogmatic organizations are now having some change of heart when it comes to approach of their software solutions. Many companies are now making millions of dollars in revenues by simply selling their proprietary products and software solutions all based on open projects.

The Open Adoption Companies are now what seems to be the future. These companies are constructed with a different business model. They often go through three phases, which include coming up with a project, make the product and now start getting profits. The important part is to make sure that they get to deliver on the needs of many of their clients.