Apple has reported an impressive revenue of $42.4 billion and earnings of $1.42 per share. Well, with the shares of the company recently receiving a beating, no one really expected them to do this good when it comes to the revenue for this quarter. For this quarter, it largely shows something new in the Apple business model. The revenue is no longer the growth mode and even if the iPhone sales are declining, the company is still making a lot more.

This comes as the industry watchers are showing their expectations that the company is not in full growth mode any more like it used to be. It seems like the positive news from the company has made the unhappy investors to feel more reason why they should keep investing in the company.

The revenue is within what they expected even with the decline in iPhone sales because Apple is always trying to diversify. This comes after the company went on an investing rampage where it was seen partnering with other companies in different counties. The company seems to look for other revenue streams for the future as it keeps on working to build the brand in many countries.

The last quarter was so a pivotal moment for the company when it saw its first revenue decline low in 13 years. This made the apple stock to fall off the cliff. But it seems like things are changing for the better for this country.