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The Very Best TV to Buy in 2016

When it comes to having a good time at home, there is no doubt a TV set will never miss. You could use it to watch movies or music videos among other types of entertainment. You might not always enjoy… Continue Reading →

HTC Hires a New CFO After more than two years of searching

The new CFO coming in to handle HTC finance has a lot of work to do. The company is currently bleeding money, struggling on the stock exchange and also it has been making losses lately. The company has been searching… Continue Reading →

Chrome OS Will Soon Run All Android Apps

The introduction of Chrome OS saw many people having their doubts about the operating systems, but it seems to have held up quite well. Many people today are now buying chromebooks for their personal use. More good news is that… Continue Reading →

Top Rated External Hard Drives You Can Ever Buy Today

Hard drives serve the important role of having a place to back up your files externally from the PC. With many models now available on the market, some people always find it hard to choose one of them to handle… Continue Reading →

5 Best Tech Jobs to Checkout in 2016

Being in the tech industry, many people have come to accept that there are more great jobs in such an industry. These jobs will get you a lot of perks when it comes to pay among other things. Below are… Continue Reading →

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