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Farmigo Shuts Down its Online Market

Farmigo being an online farmer’s market, it allowed the consumers to shop for the locally grown food via web. Then you would pick up such orders from nearby location. Well, it seems like the company is shutting down its delivery… Continue Reading →

Five Companies were in the Line-up to Buy LinkedIn

Reports emerging show that Microsoft was not the only lining up to buy LinkedIn. It might have been the reason why they had to pay so much to a sum of $26 billion to acquire the professional social media site…. Continue Reading →

Apple shows interest in buying Tidal music app

It is the principle of if you cannot beat them, buy them. New in is that Apple is in discussions with Tidal about its acquiring of the music streaming app. This will be a big win for Apple which will… Continue Reading →

Narvar to Help Internet Retailers Deliver Physical Goods without Delays

Narvar Inc is a company that is helping internet retailers to keep their customers happy after the purchases are made. This means from the time the customer makes the purchase, to the time it is delivered. The point is to… Continue Reading →

Google and Baidu all in the race for global speech recognition market

The speech recognition technology has been around for a while now, but the competition is now just getting hotter. The earlier ways of using the speech recognition technology such as voice dialing and desktop dictation are definitely not the best… Continue Reading →

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