The Washington D.C Fire and EMS department is looking into a plan that will make use of Uber to transport low priority 911 callers. Well, that is some horrible idea right there. We all feel comfortable knowing that at the end of the line is a person who will dispatch the ambulance to come and help with your situation and not Uber again.

The plan is to have a team of nurses who can evaluate the condition of the caller over them and send an Uber to them only if they are deemed stable. This means that you getting an ambulance depends on the evaluation made by the emergency responder over the phone. There are so many things wrong with such an evaluation.

There are some things you cannot evaluate when it comes to just using the phone to make a judgment. This is in the case of someone falling and breaking an ankle. There might be other potential underlying conditions that might be not visible at the moment. If the caller is handled by Uber and other challenges come up, the person could crash when sending the appropriate help could have stopped all this.

The patient might end up having potential deterioration when using Uber for transport to the hospital. You are likely to find that would not have sirens or lights that will make it have right of way to the hospital.