The future seems to be closer that what we have always thought. It looks like BMW is looking to make a full self-driving car sooner than expected. The company is now teaming up with Mobileye and Intel to make the car which is expected to be launched by 2021.

The idea of this partnership is to create a car that can drive itself from start to finish. The existing technology might need you to jump in and take control of the car as soon as things start to go wrong. Well, it seems like BMW and its new partners on the project are looking to eliminate the driver completely and use technology in its place.

Many people might know about BMW and Intel, but Mobileye is a silent partner in all this. Not many people had heard about the company before all this. The company has been developing camera sensors for the last two decades. It is what has paved way to having self-driving car today.

In the last few years, the company has expanded its product line from car sensors to now technology stack that is now powering the self-driving cars. A company such as Tesla now used Mobileye technology for its autopilot feature. Let us wait and see what is the different thing the three companies will achieve by 2021.