Smartphones have evolved over the ages to become something you cannot do without today. Many people will always love it when they have the latest and best smartphones on the market. However, sometimes it is not that easy to choose among the many options available. It is important that you get to check out the different models before making a decision. Below are some tips to help you buy best smartphone.

Operating system

The most dominant operating systems include Android and iOS. The Android OS dominates worldwide when it comes to sales of smartphones. The OS comes with more options when it comes to design, specs, capabilities, price and display size as compared to iOS. Android is also an open OS meaning you can customize as much as you want. iOS on the other hand still offers all sort of enhancements to ensure that you have the best smartphones. The iOS is generally seen to be robust for its users.

You can still choose to use the BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone OS which as equally good.

Screen Size

Smartphones seem to be growing with each model that is released. More phones today are bigger in screen size. For those who do not want to stretch their thumbs to reach anything on the phone, then go for 4.5 inches screen size. Things will be different for those who love to play games. Most of them would want something bigger in size.

Display quality

As much as the screen size is a big consideration, the smartphone resolution is still important. There is no point of having a big screen but with low resolution. To learn more about resolution, read the phone description to learn more. Always go for smartphones with higher resolution so that you can enjoy the display too.


The design is what acts as a first impression for a smartphone. Many companies will spend most of their time working out a great design for their phones. The design is all about the build quality and aesthetics. Designs such as unibody are now coming in iPhone 6s and HTC 10. The Metal design is also now seen as attractive.

Processing power

The processing power determines a lot what the phone can and cannot do. Ensure that you get to buy the best phone that has more processing power for you to use. The processing power will differ based on the processor types. Be sure to research more about the processor before making the purchase.