Who would have thought that one day email would be taken as a legacy technology? Many applications and technologies today exist and all make it easy to communicate instead of using the email. We now have apps that help with real time communication and forget about emails, which you have to wait for a day or two before someone replies.

But just how much do you think the so called email killers will thrive for long. If you look at the communication many companies use today include the emails. We rely on them to pass documents and communicate between different businesses and departments. This is because many users would trust something they have been using for a long time.

The statistics about using emails is a defining moment for those people who thought email was slowly being phased out. The statistics show that the number of email users is expect to exceed 2.9 billion by 2019. This will be far up by 10 percent as compared to the statistics released for 2015.

The truth is that the use of emails is still growing. Each day we get to do something new with emailing systems which we did not do before. The email is something that will always impact our lives as workers and just personal lives whenever you have to communicate with other people.