There have been new rumors about what to expect from the new iPhone 7 with additional reports that Apple is working on an Amazon Echo competitor. As we wait for the new iPhone, there are still some fun apps we can use to enjoy the current iPhone. We have wrapped up what saw as the best new and updated apps currently for you to enjoy.


This is a game that will challenge you as a player to match up groups of three or more colored circles and still clear the board as much as possible. You need to understand that you can only move the circles according to the numbers printed on them. This means that you have to play the game with some strategy and planning. It is not just about moving the circles.


If you have always wanted an app that delivers the best photography editing, then start by choosing the MuseCam app. It contains a number of filters, adjustments, controls and curves to make it so easy to make the edits as much as possible. The app also opens up manual controls that you can use to make chances to white balance, shutter speed and several other camera features.

Otto Radio

Many people describe this app as the Pandora of podcasts and news. The app is known to scout for snippets of news stories and podcasts on the subjects that you like. It helps you what is going on all around the world in the snippets. You can always swipe away the ones that you do not want to listen or press play to listen to the full story.


This is another best app to use when you have to read several news outlets from different places around the world. The app comes with a personalized feed of news stories based on the publications that impress you. Each story comes mostly with a brief summary of the important points in the news. Additional images are sometimes used to give you an idea what the news is all about.