CES is the convention where people and companies come to unveil their new technologies and concepts too. You can always expect to experience the best inventions and technology from all over the world by visiting this convention. For 2016, there were some of the top technologies that made an impact to the show. Learn about them below.

Scio Food Scanner

scio food scanner

Are you always curious about the number of carbs and calories on your dinner plate? There is some good news for people who would want to keep low on carbs and calories. The Scio pocket sized Bluetooth gadget promises to reveal the amount of nutritional content in your meal. This product was made by a French startup called Dietsensor. So the next time you want to eat your food, do some quick scan to know about the nutritional content.

Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator

You will get a massive 21.5 inch full HD touchscreen with amazing intelligence all amounted on a fridge. There are additional features such as cameras inside the fridge that can be accessed through a mobile app. The gorilla glass of the touchscreen will help to keep the screen looking great even when used for a long time. Instead of using magnets to hold sticky notes on the fridge, you can now use the important notes app on the fridge to act as sticky notes.

Fitbit Blaze

fitbit blaze

The product was met with many mixed reactions when the company tried to unveil the fitness band for the second time at the event. The blaze comes with new improvements in style and it is also smarter. You could also love to have the watch as it has colorful touchscreen, stylish leather straps and stainless steel bands.

Withings Thermo

This is a different type of thermometer you have ever seen before. The thermometer works via Wi-Fi technology that is now available to many people today. You will simply have to hover the thermometer over the skin to get the readings. This is a great device for taking baby temperatures without disturbing the little one with the conventional thermometers. You would simply place the device on the baby’s forehead and take the reading.

Under Armour Gemini 2 Sneakers


These sneakers are what you need for better exercising at your local gym. The sneakers are filled with sensors technology that help to track your daily workouts without the need to tether them to a smartphone. All the details of a workout will be transmitted later to the sneakers corresponding app.