Hard drives serve the important role of having a place to back up your files externally from the PC. With many models now available on the market, some people always find it hard to choose one of them to handle their backup needs. Below are some of the best rated external hard drives to help you make the decision easily.

Seagate Expansion

This the product you get to settle for when you are on a budget, but still want to enjoy functionality. The device has a USB 3.0, which means more speed when it comes to data transfer at any time. There is an expansion range where you get to choose among different storage spaces from 1TB to 5 TB. The high speed of 5400rpm helps also with faster data transfer.

Samsung M3

The drive comes with a durable hard drive design that many people will love. It also has impressive rpm speeds that keeps it on the same level as the Seagate drive mentioned above. It comes with variable hard drive space options that you can choose based on your needs. Many people have left positive reviews about the product saying that delivers on its performance claims and durability.

WD My Passport Ultra

It comes with an impressive design that people think that it is beautiful among the many hard drives available on the market today. The product still includes an automated backup method included cloud. You can store all your data files on the drive and it will upload them to cloud whenever you are ready. It also comes with a 256 bit AES encryption that cannot be easily broken at all. Your files will be safe from the public if the drive is stolen.

Transcend StoreJet 100

The drive is quite compatible with many PC types that you might have. Many people who own Macs can enjoy to use this drive rather than the expensive Apple recommended options. It has a one-touch backup capability that can be activated by pressing the big button on the side of the drive. The other major selling point of the drive is the shockproofing capability that will keep the drive safe from everyday bumps and scrapes.