3D printing has evolved so much since its introduction to now something that many people would want to use each day and in different fields. In the recent innovations, they have led to using the technology in fields such as prosthetic design. Different manufacturers are now working on viable solutions to help people living with limb loss around the world. According to statistics, close to 200,000 amputations have to be carried out each year. This shows just the need for having a technology that can help people to have the best prosthetics.

The problem many people have faced when it comes to prosthetics is the cost. Most of them cost between $5000 to over $50,000. For some people, this could a luxury for them. Things are about to change when you have a 3D printer. Many people today will get to afford buying prosthetics at a price of even less than $200. With the 3D printing technology, it is now possible for someone to design the prosthetics at home and made the prints easily.

It also comes down to the durability of the prosthetics. On average, the conventional prosthetics will last for 5 years before you have to replace it. The worst can be for the young kids who grow up fast each day, so five years might not even be enough. Having the 3D printing technology, all that can be easily dealt with and you get to save more in the long run.