Today, many employers are always looking for job seekers who are presentable both in person and online too. You do not want to end up missing on a job because of some silly stuff you posted online. It is always important to have an online reputation management scheme in place before heading out to look for a job.

  1. Choose carefully what to share online

The search engine algorithms are now refined better than ever. They can now search for all information related to the search query. Your employer will simply search for your name and all the relevant information is returned as search results. You can imagine the shame when it happens that you share nudity all the time or some derogative comments on social media. It just paints a bad in the mind of the employer.

  1. Manage your online reputation even when not searching for work

Sometimes just Google yourself and see what comes up. If it is something that you love as the results, may be it is time that you keep up the good work. However, if things are different with negativity always coming up, you would want to re-evaluate your online presence. From there, you can now start managing your online reputation management and ensuring that the searches next time reflect you as a responsible person.

  1. Optimize the LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is like a social media site for professionals. You even have to pay if you want to enjoy more premium features. Most people who are looking to hire people to join a company, they would always check out the LinkedIn profile. This means you have to make it presentable as possible. Take a nice photo of yourself and make it the profile photo. Then, you can proceed to showcasing more about yourself through the profile.

  1. Have a personal blog

In additional to having accounts on social media, it is time to take things professional by creating a personal blog or website. The blog is like an online platform where you get to air your ideas and show the employers that you are the right choice.