Crowdfunding simply means that where people on a website will fund your project with their own money. You could also say that it is a website where you get a donation to help with starting your business. Today, we have many people with success stories that might have started on the crowdfunding websites. You too could make more money if you have an idea or business plan to pitch to people on the website. Check out the top crowdfunding websites to use.


This could be easily referred to as the hottest crowdfunding website on the internet today. The company has raised over $220 million from 61000 projects launched on the website. Thousands of people keep on coming back to the website to check out more projects to if there is something they can contribute to. The company also has a limitation to the type of projects they accepted to be listed on the website. Commonly rejected projects include charity, scholarships, awareness campaigns or buying a new digital camera. If the project meets their guidelines, you can be sure it will be listed.


This is another great website where you get to find people that can donate to your project or cause. The site is aimed at helping many people to raise money for their personal projects. Unlike Kickstarter, this website allows for you to list a charity event that people can contribute to. You can get more donations based on the things that people will feel they are important enough to get the donations.


The RocketHub is known as the best station to use for fueling your project to a launch. All you have to do is follow the simple 3 steps of uploading a project on the website. You will then have a chance to track the progress and status of the project. You will get to expose your projects to top brands and companies that help even fund your project faster.


GoFundMe is where you go to look for funds that you need to raise for a project, cause or even for yourself. The important thing is that you need to get creative and make people make the donations to you. It could be anything that you want from personal travelling fee to taking your pet to a vet.