There is no doubt that there has been major changes in the web development industry, and more are coming too. This is with an aim to make it easy for the people having a nice way of interacting with websites. The changes some are necessary, while others might not take effect until later on. Below are some changes to expect in web development in 2016.

Advanced platform for new responsive design

With all new devices coming to the market each year, there is the need to have a change in the responsive design. Chances are that more people will access the websites not necessarily using the phones and PCs all the time. Some will be using some new wearable gadgets such as Apple Watch, Oculus Rift and Google Glass. Using such devices, there has been a new trend in responsive websites that can also be accessed on such devices.

Internet of Things is getting Bigger

The internet of things idea has affected so much the app and website development. Interconnecting the different types of things around us has made people to come up with crazy design ideas. IoT statistics show that many company have come up to fill the gap to ensure that the web development is much easier and better. Many developers are now coming up with ways to help people communicate with any gadgets they use each day.

Browser based IDEs

The IDEs are no longer just boring when it comes to development. Most of them are now browser based to help with fast and easy access when working on your web development. Flexibility is the key and it will help you easily build several websites that can keep up with the new trends in client satisfaction.

Full screen navigation design system

The use of full screen navigation system is also taking shape first. This has helped to enhance user experience when working on a mobile device. An example is when you are surfing on your phone and then come across a registration form. Simply tap on it and it will go to full screen. This helps with easy registration too.