You might find that you spend a lot of time on your phone, and end up not doing anything important. It is now possible for you to make the smartphone better by having health and fitness apps installed. The apps will help you in some way to lose weight or eat better. Check out the following great health and fitness apps to install in 2016.

Couch to 5k

couch to 5k

If you have always wanted to run before, but it seems hard to start, the Couch to 5K app will get you started. Download the app to give you access to amazing eight week program that will give you the best workouts for a road race. At the end of the routine, you should be in a position to easily have your run without having too much trouble.


If you loved watching Cassey Ho with her blogilates videos on YouTube, then you will love this app even more. The app takes things to the next level meaning that you get access to all her videos. The app also has a link to an online forum and monthly workout calendar that will help you get better at your health.


If you always find yourself lacking the time to visit the gym, it is important that you get this app today. The app features several five and seven minute workouts that will get you toned and you do not have to sacrifice the time to visit the gym each day. You can even connect with other people using the same app and see how they are using the app each day.


This app makes your grocery shopping better and more fun than people. You simply need to use the app to scan the barcodes and learn more about the food and how healthy it is before buying. You will always want to buy food that is all healthy. The apps will analyze the food to help you choose the food based on your health and fitness goals.




If you are really looking to try out new recipes, the best app to choose would be the Sidechef. This app comes with step by step voice command instructions on how to prepare different food types. You can be sure that it is something that you will have to use to make healthy food at all times.