Operating your PC at lower temperatures ensures that there is improved stability, efficiency and reliability. Anyone would benefit that works at low temperatures. This means you get highest work rate and efficiency if you need to achieve more work done in less time. Having a massive heat sink and a fan is often seen as the best way to keep your PC cool. Below are some of the best air coolers for your PC in 2016.

Noctua NH-D14

noctua nh-d14


This cooler is quite cheap, as for a maximum price of $20, you can get one installed on your PC today. The new D15 is even better and costs as the same as its predecessor. It has become common with many people who are looking to save on money and still keep their PCs cool. It has a large fan that will ensure more air is fanned over the CPU to keep it cooled at all times.

Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3

It does have an impressive performance as compared to the D14. It is the reason the company had to upgrade to D15 as a way of improving the working of their D14. The overall performance of this model can be rated as the best as it delivers on its features. You can be sure that its operation is quiet, just as its name suggests. The brushed aluminum top plate gives it a unique design and also improves how it cools the processor.

Deepcool Gamer Storm Assassin II

Even from the name, you know that this is a brand you must use in your PC today. It has been built to offer an impressive cooling capability that you need as a gamer. This is because the PC will have to handle a lot of processing and cooling is needed to keep it working optimally. The noise level too is quite low with this model and it has an affordable price for most people to buy it.

Reeven RC 1001b Brontes

reeven rc 1001b brontes

This model has been a serious rival to many companies making cooling fans for PCs. The model has a slim design, but delivers more cooling power than most coolers available. Its tiny size makes it suitable for different types of CPUs among different manufacturers. It also works at a very low noise that will not be easy for people to identify that the PC is on.