The idea of losing your data due to a virus is something that most many people would want. It is possible to easily protect your PC and data on overall when you get an antivirus software. Such a software is built to help with the emerging malware and computer viruses. If you have ever lost data to a virus, it is time to check out the best antivirus to use in 2016.

  1. Bitdefender antivirus plus 2016

The bit defender antivirus has been the editor’s choice on most websites that review the many antivirus software in the world. The software has been rated as the best one you will ever get with near perfect malware detection score. It has additional strong tools you can use for internet activities. You get a built-in password manager, protection against encrypting ransomware, a secure browser and automated updates to keep the system ready for new threats.

  1. Kaspersky Total Security

You must have seen this coming, there is no way Kaspersky can miss on such a list. This is for people who want an excellent malware protection software for their data. It has several premium suites that all have proven to combat any new malware issues that come up all the time. The company has also included a secure browser that you can use for sensitive access such as the banks and online processing payment accounts.

  1. Avira free antivirus

If you are going to use any free anti-virus, then consider getting the Avira free antivirus. It might be free, but it can present impressive protection just like some paid options. It can detect a malware as soon as it enters the system. It also has a child protection capability to keep your baby safe from exposure to some files when you are not around. The best part is that the free antivirus will not nag you to upgrade all the time a newer version is produced.

  1. For your phone: Avast! Mobile Security and Antivirus

You should also keep your phone secure by having an anti-malware protection such as the Avast! This software is built with a sleek design that will blend easily in the smartphone just like any other new app. You can use the free version which delivers impressive protection. Always update to the paid version to experience more protection.