Narvar Inc is a company that is helping internet retailers to keep their customers happy after the purchases are made. This means from the time the customer makes the purchase, to the time it is delivered. The point is to make sure that the customer is successfully given the product or a refund is made in cases the customer is not happy with the product.

The company led a $22 million investment, which has proven to be quite great for their business model. The company has been able to raise the funds and is expected to raise more in the future too. This is all because the company has been working with major retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Bass Pro Shops, Sephora, and Coach. The number of retailers is expected to grow with many people today making online purchases.

The online retail market in the U.S has been growing over the years and can now generate $373 billion in sales. This is just in the U.S, you can expect that the figure it higher when other countries are incorporated. The sales are expected to reach $500 billion by 2020. This is based on the recent forecasts made by various companies. With more companies coming to the online business sector, we need companies such as Narvar Inc to ensure smooth operations.