Changes in the Adoption and Deployment of Software

In the last decade or so, there has been a major shift when it comes to how companies now buy and deploy software. There has been major changes in the open technology, which has made many companies to have changed… Continue Reading →

Benefits of Upgrading your Operating System

The type of operating system that you use will always affect the output you get at the end of the day. You might find some people being flexible enough to upgrade their operating system whenever they are released, but others… Continue Reading →

Common Computer Security Threats You Should Know About

The World Wide Web is a great place where you can visit and learn about just anything. The problem is that sometimes you can end up facing security threats of all levels you can possibly imagine. With the security concerns… Continue Reading →

Fun Apps You Cannot Miss Today when Waiting for the new iPhone 7

There have been new rumors about what to expect from the new iPhone 7 with additional reports that Apple is working on an Amazon Echo competitor. As we wait for the new iPhone, there are still some fun apps we… Continue Reading →

TOR Project to Boost Web Encryption even Further

Do you know what is Tor Project?If you have been using Tor browser, be prepared to review a major upgrade on the next release. The developers are looking to boost its security and make a secure network than it is… Continue Reading →

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