The Best Web Development Trends in 2016

There is no doubt that there has been major changes in the web development industry, and more are coming too. This is with an aim to make it easy for the people having a nice way of interacting with websites…. Continue Reading →

Common Computer Security Threats You Should Know About

The World Wide Web is a great place where you can visit and learn about just anything. The problem is that sometimes you can end up facing security threats of all levels you can possibly imagine. With the security concerns… Continue Reading →

Thrilling Visions of the Future of Computing

There is no doubt that the future holds a great deal of many inventions that we can expect to enjoy in the world of computing. In the recent years, technology is always developing at a faster rate making people to… Continue Reading →

Top Rated External Hard Drives You Can Ever Buy Today

Hard drives serve the important role of having a place to back up your files externally from the PC. With many models now available on the market, some people always find it hard to choose one of them to handle… Continue Reading →

117 Million LinkedIn Emails and Passwords Leaked Online

Back in 2012, the famous professional social site LinkedIn got hacked ending up with over 100 million stolen emails and passwords. The company announced yesterday that another data set from the 2012 hack had just been released. The company was… Continue Reading →

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