TOR Project to Boost Web Encryption even Further

Do you know what is Tor Project?If you have been using Tor browser, be prepared to review a major upgrade on the next release. The developers are looking to boost its security and make a secure network than it is… Continue Reading →

Common Issues with Internet of Things

The concept of internet of things has been in development over the years, to now something that many people can relate to. The internet of things is when different hardware and software components are networked so that they can communicate… Continue Reading →

Important Best Practices to Use when Browsing the Net

Do you follow important tips when browsing the net? The internet world is free, so anyone can easily access it, do their stuff and leave. It is a community with many people that have all sort of ideas, crazy stuff… Continue Reading →

5 Tips to Prevent Cybercrime

Cybercrime has been a serious issue for a long time in the whole world now. Many people who are connected to the internet will always face the issue of being hacked or other related cybercrimes. You can think of having… Continue Reading →

Crowdfunding Websites to Use for Starting a Business

Crowdfunding simply means that where people on a website will fund your project with their own money. You could also say that it is a website where you get a donation to help with starting your business. Today, we have… Continue Reading →

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