Is it possible to kill email?

Who would have thought that one day email would be taken as a legacy technology? Many applications and technologies today exist and all make it easy to communicate instead of using the email. We now have apps that help with… Continue Reading →

Why Mobile Apps are Popular

Ever since the introduction of smartphones in the industry, the growth need for mobile apps has been on the increase. Many people today are becoming developers from learning at home. This is simply because the whole process of making apps… Continue Reading →

Narvar to Help Internet Retailers Deliver Physical Goods without Delays

Narvar Inc is a company that is helping internet retailers to keep their customers happy after the purchases are made. This means from the time the customer makes the purchase, to the time it is delivered. The point is to… Continue Reading →

Tesla to Buy SolarCity in a Multi-Billion Acquisition

Elon Musk is trying to merge his empire by making Tesla one of his companies to acquire another of his installation SolarCity. Tesla a company focusing on making electric cars and batteries will now acquire the solar panel company called SolarCity…. Continue Reading →

Google and Baidu all in the race for global speech recognition market

The speech recognition technology has been around for a while now, but the competition is now just getting hotter. The earlier ways of using the speech recognition technology such as voice dialing and desktop dictation are definitely not the best… Continue Reading →

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