April 2016

Best Smartwatches in 2016

What started as simple smartwatches, it is has now evolved into something greater and more companies are trying to compete with each other. We now have so many brands that people are likely to get confused about the best smartwatches… Continue Reading →

4 Costly Programming Mistakes to Avoid for any Programmer

Have you ever wondered why programs often break or crush? It is because of the programming mistakes any programmer is likely to make when making the program. It is about time that you started to pay a lot more attention… Continue Reading →

Whatsapp and other Social Apps Could be Banned in the UK

Many governments have been looking to keep tabs on their citizens as a way of dealing with terror attacks. In the UK, there is a communications data bill that is looking to make the government be able to read and… Continue Reading →

HTC 10 Quick Review

HTC has recently released their flagship phone called HTC 10 and it comes packing many features. It is sure going to be a major contender in the Android market. HTC for some time has been a leader in making impressive… Continue Reading →

How Pay by App Method Could End Shopping and Banking Queues

Do you know the benefits of pay by app method? Going back only a few years ago, you might find just how tiresome it was to stand in long queues to make a payment or get your money from the… Continue Reading →

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