April 2016

Still yet to Try Cloud Computing? Here are reasons to do it now

Cloud computing simply means that you will be doing all your computing on the internet. This is unlike before when you had to download and install the applications physically on your PC. Many people are not always for something new,… Continue Reading →

5 Clever Ways to Monetize Your Blog in 2016

It seems like having a website and a blog is something common with everyone. Each person is always asking about your online presence. This means what content do you have online that makes you relevant. The online presence idea has… Continue Reading →

Top Technology that ruled CES 2016

CES is the convention where people and companies come to unveil their new technologies and concepts too. You can always expect to experience the best inventions and technology from all over the world by visiting this convention. For 2016, there… Continue Reading →

Best Graphic Cards of 2016

When it comes to the graphics card, you would always want something that handle the gaming needs that you might have. There is the need to understand what the manufacturer is bringing new to the graphics world. The competition most… Continue Reading →

Hackers Can Eavesdrop on Your Phone by Using Only the Cell Number

Your phone number is said to among the ten most personal digits that everyone has today. As much as smartphones have helped to make the phone industry better, there is a problem today with the system that hackers are utilizing…. Continue Reading →

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