Important Tech Improvements and Innovations from the 2016 Google I/O Keynote

Google hosted the I/O 16 yesterday making headlines allover. Below are some of the key tech points that you should know about. Google is coming after the Amazon Echo We were all happy with the capabilities of Amazon Echo, but… Continue Reading →

Benefits of Using 3D Printing in the Manufacturing Industry

3D printing was invented a while back, but it just got better within the last decade. Many people today are now happy with the technology and are fully embracing it. You can be sure to find more 3D printers being… Continue Reading →

Smartphone Features that will determine the Future

Technology is changing quite fast as compared to a decade ago. Many people are now using technology in doing so many things in their lives. The most notable technology is the implementation of smartphones in our lives recently. More features… Continue Reading →

5 Tips to Prevent Cybercrime

Cybercrime has been a serious issue for a long time in the whole world now. Many people who are connected to the internet will always face the issue of being hacked or other related cybercrimes. You can think of having… Continue Reading →

Benefits of Hard Disk Cloning

Hard disk cloning is the process that you make an exact replica of your current computer system on a different disk or drive. Cloning the hard disk has been a common practice now as you never know what might happen… Continue Reading →

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