Common Computer Security Threats You Should Know About

The World Wide Web is a great place where you can visit and learn about just anything. The problem is that sometimes you can end up facing security threats of all levels you can possibly imagine. With the security concerns… Continue Reading →

Thrilling Visions of the Future of Computing

There is no doubt that the future holds a great deal of many inventions that we can expect to enjoy in the world of computing. In the recent years, technology is always developing at a faster rate making people to… Continue Reading →

Chrome OS Will Soon Run All Android Apps

The introduction of Chrome OS saw many people having their doubts about the operating systems, but it seems to have held up quite well. Many people today are now buying chromebooks for their personal use. More good news is that… Continue Reading →

Important Tech Improvements and Innovations from the 2016 Google I/O Keynote

Google hosted the I/O 16 yesterday making headlines allover. Below are some of the key tech points that you should know about. Google is coming after the Amazon Echo We were all happy with the capabilities of Amazon Echo, but… Continue Reading →

Best Health and Fitness Apps to Install in 2016

You might find that you spend a lot of time on your phone, and end up not doing anything important. It is now possible for you to make the smartphone better by having health and fitness apps installed. The apps… Continue Reading →

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